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"It's All About Our Youth"

A safe space for teenage males to talk, laugh and learn.

Derick Cagle entrepreneur and CEO of GQ Barbershop Academy

Derick Cagle, GQ Master Barber and Gia Peebles, Aura Galleria Master Stylist cordially invite our community youth 
(boys 13—18) to join the conversation. Talk with GQ Barbers, Community Leaders, and Health, Financial, and Safety Exp


 Join the GQ Huddle...Reserve Your Slot Now!

Gia Peebles Co-Founder of GQ Academy
GQ Academy staff picture

GQ Barbers
(Left to right) Dave McMillian, William Cagle, Derick Cagle, (center) Kevin Bowick

Black screen
GQ Academy mentor group

GQ Academy Visionary and Co-Founder
Derick Cagle

GQ Academy Participants
GQ academy lesson
GQ Academy Barbering demonstration
GQ Academy participant practices his skills.
GQ Academy mentor teaching your man to tie a tie

Durham County Sherriff Clarence Birkhead

GQ Academy participants hands on

Durham County Public Health David Hampton

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